Friday night my husband and I went to Eclectic Cafe (the N. McLean location) for dinner. We have stopped in for breakfast in the past, but never dinner. Looking over the menu, nothing really jumped out at me. But there was a special; fish and chips. So we ordered that, plus a grilled cheese sandwich, fries and roasted potatoes (regular and sweet potatoes). Here is how the dinner turned out.

The fish was very, very good.

cafe eclectic fish and chips

Cooked to perfection, the fish had a very flavorful taste. This is how fish should taste if you are serving a fish and chips dish. The crust was made just right. Memphis restaurants, this is how fish is done for fish and chips. The sauce for the fish was excellent as well. I could taste dill, pepper, and lemon. My husband could not get enough of the sauce for the fish. Perfect.

The grilled cheese sandwich was okay.

cafe eclectic grilled cheese sandwich

The sandwich needed some salt. The cheese sandwich was not bad, but not great either.

Unfortunately, the rest of the dishes needed some help. The potatoes (both french fries and roasted potatoes) needed lots of help. The french fries were ho-hum. Nothing to write home about. Very plain without much seasoning. The roasted potatoes had the same problem. Very little flavor was evident. I thought I would have better luck with the roasted sweet potatoes, but I didn’t. They were bland too. It was as if whoever was cooking took little care when preparing the potatoes.

We finished the evening with dessert. I ordered an ice cream dish, but substituted caramel for strawberry sauce. The dish tasted good, although I the size of the dish was slightly smaller than I expected.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice. Live music made the evening enjoyable.

Overall, the experience was hit and miss. Some dishes were excellent (the fish), while others (the potatoes) needed some help.

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