Friday night we stopped in at Local on the Square for dinner. Thinking the restaurant would be busy, we arrived early. You can give the front desk your telephone number and they will message you when your table is available. I love that option. We walked nearby and had a drink for a few minutes, when my phone alerted me that our table was ready. So easy.

We were seated at our table and ordered our drinks. After looking over the menu (which appeared to have fewer items than in the past; not necessarily a bad thing) we each asked for a burger. We have had burgers here in the past.

local on the square

The burgers were very good. Each burger was cooked to order. Here is a pro tip; order the chips instead of the fries. The fries were okay at best, but my chips tasted so good. Go with the chips.

After we had finished the burgers, we ordered dessert. In the past we have ordered the Warm Bacon Blondie. We went with the bacon blondie again since it was so tasty the last time we were here. The dish this time was prepared nearly the same way, except the brownie appeared to be smaller.

warm bacon blondie local on the square

The dish would have been better if the bacon had been crisper. (It is difficult to cut the bacon with a spoon if the bacon is not cooked long enough)

Overall Local on the Square was a good experience. The ability for the front of house staff to page me when the table was available was definitely a plus. The decor was nice as well. The burgers were spot on. Order the chips over the fries and your meal will be enjoyable.

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